Friday, October 21, 2011


Life is crazy busy in the fall, even after I quit school. (Did I tell you I quit school? Because I totally quit school. Long story short, I hated my life, I never had time for friends or my kids, I was LIVING in front of the computer, and my work performance was severely suffering, so I just ... quit. Right in the middle of a class. So there. I'll have to pick it up again later, but for now, I know that I have made the right decision.) Anyways, because of how busy things have been, I have no time to blog about all of the cute/funny/exasperating things that keep happening. Here are some snippets of our lives over the past few weeks...

  • Jude's new favorite thing is to wedge himself between the bed and the wall in the office/guest room. Once he is sufficiently stuck, he immediately begins calling for assistance: "I thtuck! I help you?" (Interpretation: I'm stuck! Will you help me?) He apparently thinks it's a game. This is fine except yesterday, he wedged himself in there and then plainly called to me, "Mommy! Help me!" My heart broke a little. He's always said, "I help you," never, "Help me." I'm not usually one of those "If only they could stay little forever..." people. I much prefer surly teens to crying babies. I like kids who can do stuff, if you know what I mean. Kids who are out of the "lump" stage of life, who are able to make their own sandwiches and don't need help getting dressed. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, and I love the imaginative stage of toddlerhood. I just think I'll enjoy them even more when we can have rational discussions about things we have in common instead of me hiding most of my DVD collection from them and trying to pretend I'm interested in the Wonder Pets. Anyways, I say all of that to say that while I do want them to grow up, I also very much miss those adorable turns of phrase they had when they were smaller. That first time they change from "their" way to the "right" way (Like Jude saying, "Help me!" or Scout saying "diapers" instead of "buppers"), my heart breaks a little. That is all.
Hey, self, remember when you said you don't have time for a long blog post? (Shut up.)
  • My daughter is the youngest person I know who can clog a toilet for reasons other than excessive toilet paper use. She is her father's daughter. She makes him proud. She also makes a huge mess of our bathrooms. A preschooler wielding a plunger is a terrifying thing to behold. Two words: Poop. Rug.
  • Our small group has recently branched out/expanded to become two groups instead of one. At our new group, two weeks in a row now, immediately after someone says something very poignant, serious, or "real", someone has accidentally bumped up against a child's toy that plays "The Entertainer". There's nothing quite like someone saying, "My aunt just found out her 4 year old has cancer," followed by cheery ragtime music. Inappropriate and kind of horrible? Yes. But also hilarious. I am a terrible person.
  • I recently have been marathoning Scrubs on Netflix streaming. Dr. Cox totally made that show. That's all.
  • Speaking of shows/movies, I am 0 for 2 in my impromptu/unofficial "Halloween Movie 101" class with B. So far he has given both The Lost Boys and Donnie Darko a mere 2.5 stars, otherwise known as an "eh" rating. I am disappoint.
  • Also speaking of disappoint, I finally got around to watching Coraline this week. The book was a hundred times better than the movie. I mean, the animation was great, but seriously ... the book was way creepier, more suspenseful, and all around better.
That's all I have time for at this moment because I have a ton of work to do for my job and in preparation for Scout's rainbow birthday party tomorrow (hopefully pics and a blog post to come on Sunday or Monday). It should be a blast. In the meantime, that's my October in a nutshell: My Little Ponies, clogged toilets, and creeptastic classics. How's your October been?


Sabrena Deal said...

Its a highlight of my life when you blog! Our October in keyword searching:
broken toilet
no toilet
pour water into the toilet
sparse sleep
constant travel
happy puppy cuddles
28 days till we cruise.

Miss Hannah said...

Oh dear! That toilet business sounds simultaneously terrible and hilarious all at the same time. On the bright side: Cruise! :)