Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A conversation with my preschooler (because I totally have one of those now)

Scout started school a few weeks ago. It's just three mornings a week, but it gets her out of my hair the house for a few hours and presents an opportunity to develop some much needed social skills. Her teacher, Mrs. W, keeps telling me that Scout is doing great and having a good time, and I'm inclined to believe her since we never have tearful mornings or "I DON'T WANNA GO!!!" fits or anything like that, and she's usually smiling and happy when I pick her up after class. She loves to talk about her "best friend Paige" and the games she plays with the other kids. However, if you ask Scout directly, you will quickly discover that she is, quite literally, too cool for school. "How was school today?" someone will ask. "I dunno," she'll say, with a shrug and that face you make to indicate the same. Or you'll say, "Did you have fun at school today, Scout?" and she'll start out with a grin and say, "Ye-" and then she'll catch herself, become somber and say, "Well, yes, but not too much fun," or, "Only just a little fun." I'm not sure what this says about her future. I fear it means she's going to be a lot like I was as a teen. (Please, Jesus, I know I probably deserve it, but don't punish me with that.)

Anyways, after picking her up at school today, we had to swing by Walmart to pick up a prescription and a few groceries. It was apparently "run into everyone you know" day at Ye Olde Wal Marts (one teacher and two moms from preschool, one girl from my high school, one sister-in-law, and one friend from church). Later, when we were back home and having some lunch, I asked her about one of the families we had run into.

Me: So, do you like Brinley? Are you and Brinley friends? Do you two play together at school?
Scout: Yes, I like Brinley, but I call her Kelsey.
Me: Why would you call her that? You shouldn't call her Kelsey. She probably doesn't like that; her name is Brinley.
Scout: Yes, but I call her Kelsey because I can never remember what her name is.

So matter of fact. As if she was saying, "Of course I just make up a random moniker for someone when I don't know their actual name. What would you do, Mother?"

Lord, help me.

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