Friday, February 4, 2011

Stories from my Three-year-Old: Volume 1

Scout is a master storyteller. Here's one she shared with me just a moment ago. I should point out before we begin that Scout hasn't entirely grown out of her l/r speech impediment (she's good with most words, but a few still give her trouble), so everywhere she says wolf it should be pronounced as woof. Also, as an added challenge, you can try to guess which Bible story is being allegorically referenced in parts of the story. Without further ado, a tale of some noses, some bears, and a wolf trying to cross a river...

There was one day a bunch of noses. And there was a big, old wolf. And there was also a bunch of bears. And some of the bears were really ever so giant, and then there was a baby bear. And the bears were going to run, but the baby bear said, "No, Mom. I'm going to get at that big, old wolf." And the baby bear went down and said to the wolf, and the big, old wolf sat down and was quiet.

But then, the big, old wolf ... well, there was also a river. A really, ever so big river. And the big, old wolf, he went into it, and then he was going down it, and then he fell over a really so big waterfall!!!

At this point I asked, "And did the bears live happily ever after?" and Scout said, "Yes. And the bears went down the river, and they were happy."

The end.