Monday, May 10, 2010

Because apparently this is all I have to talk about...

I finally fixed my head. Now, instead of looking like this:

^ not really.

I look like this:

Sadly, the wearing of this hairstyle does not enable me to read minds or be more awesome.

Please denote the marked improvement.

Maybe now that I have resolved this issue, I will find something more interesting to blog about (conversely, one might argue that now that I have exhausted this avenue, I will cease to write altogether. I am hoping for the former and going to try and be proactive in coming up with new material to avoid the latter).

In other news, we leave for Virginia tomorrow. Of course, the dog ran away this afternoon, which is exceedingly complicating things, made even more frustrating because a dear friend from down there lost his wife last week to cancer (they're younger even than us, which makes it all the more freakish and wrong), and the memorial service is tomorrow evening at 7:30. If the stars align just so and the dog comes back, gets in and out of the groomer's early, and we can get on the road by 11, we just might make it in time. We covet your prayers that things will work out and we will be able to pay our respects and show some love to a good friend whom we haven't seen in months.