Monday, August 25, 2008

In for a long one...

Today is Schuyler's nine-month doctor appointment (you know, a few days after she turned 10 months old). I'm pretty sure this means we're in for more shots, which never makes for a fun afternoon to start with, but to top it off, she's already been kind of fussy all morning, and she's been incredibly verbal as of late. I'm really looking to an afternoon of screaming baby gibberish in which Scout "goy"s and "baba"s to me about exactly where I rank on her crap list for subjecting her to freezing cold baby scales and painful injections. With any luck, she'll exact her revenge by pulling my hair or peeing on me while I carry her to the bath tonight. I'm going to try to make today the happiest day ever (until 2:00) in the hopes that she decides not to be mad at me after all.

I was recently discussing with a friend of mine about how Scout gets mad at me and ignores me when I do things she doesn't like or don't let her do things she wants to. We were also talking about how she has the ability to say "mama" (she's done it a few times) but won't when prompted. (Instead, she says similar sounding things like "Nonna" and "baba" with a smirk) My friend gave me this heartwarming encouragement: "She's your daughter. This is how it's going to be for the rest of your lives. I speak from experience; just get used to it."

What a joy.

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Karriane said...

I am simply thrilled you mentioned lust control on stuffchristianslike blog. :) awesome! one of the guys that was in it has started HM magazine. At least I think thats the magazine. Anyways keep rockin'.