Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I love being pregnant...

  1. You get to eat ... a lot.
  2. People don't dare tell you that you look bad.
  3. Naps are strongly encouraged.
  4. People buy you/the baby lots of things for no real reason other than that everyone loves a baby.
  5. Your husband becomes much more willing to give foot massages.
  6. You finally have an excuse to buy new clothes.
  7. You become hormonal and overly-emotional, which makes you completely irrational, meaning that no one wants to be around you anymore, and even if they do you manage to convince yourself that they don't and that everyone you know is upset with you for some unknown or completely ridiculous perceived slight.

Okay, so maybe that last one isn't an actual perk of pregnancy, but it is something I've been dealing with a lot the last few days. I would now like to formally apologize to everyone I have ever met. Brendan assures me over and over again that you don't all hate me and that I really haven't done anything to make you wish I would go away forever, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that this is exactly the case. (Many of you know what being pregnant is like, so maybe you can understand the hormonal paranoia, guilt and irrationality that I am currently experiencing. If so, I would really appreciate any pointers on how you got through stupid emotional garbage like this as it is no fun at all and is impeding my abilities to think clearly, sleep and work.) If I have said or done something to upset you or anyone you know, please tell me because I am driving myself (and Brendan) crazy trying to figure out how to "make things right" with every single person on the planet. Thankfully, the tiny little rational piece of my brain that is left (and apparently growing smaller by the day), is aware that I am probably just being ridiculous, but it's still hard to ignore the larger, more unstable portion of my cerebrum. For some reason I had thought that the whole "incredibly moody hormone phase" was supposed to be over by this point in the process, but apparently I am wrong. Does anyone out there have any advice on how to beat this raging influx of hormones and become a more cheerful preggo person? I'm just not sure how much more apparently unwarranted crying I (or Brendan or my coworkers, for that matter) can take.

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Mariah the noisily conspicuous said...

Hannah. Listen up.

I love you. I care about you. You are dear to my heart. If Kristi read your post, I'm sure she is already consoling you. If not, she will be soon. I can't be with you, but there are some things I want you to know. Do you need a list? You want one? O.K., here's your list:

- You are fun. If people have a problem with fun, I have a problem with them.

- Your sense of humour is discerning, making people (mainly me) feel really good when they make you laugh. Imagine how great Dante felt when you almost peed yourself about the goose.

- You are crafty. Along with that adjective come the synonyms of creative, artsy-fartsy, and unique (not cunning, sneaky, or vindictive).

- You have good grammar. Sometimes it is intimidating, but I admire it and you keep me on my toes.

- You love Jonah. This fact alone should convince people of your good taste, (not that Brendan would convince them of anything else, of course).

- You like to eat. Same comment as the first.

- I want to like you. I love you and you are my sister. The way I feel about you does not hinge on your behavior or the words that come out of your mouth. I have chosen to like you, and so I do.

That said, we need to talk about lies. Yes, LIES. You are trading the truth about yourself (everything I wrote, plus some), and trading it for a lie. that is what we in Fairmount City call, "A BAD TRADE". Have Brendan do the hand thing for you while you read that.

I realize that your feelings may have already past as I post this, 2 hours after you. But keep it, read it, have brendan shout it to you before you get weepy, whatever you need to do. You have quite a bit of time ahead of you, and you will drive yourself insane if you let the truth be replaced with lies.

More than anything, know that I love you, and I like you, too!