Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Excuse me, but could I trouble you for a time machine or some minor forgery?

So, I have some good news and some bad news. I just popped in to Dashboard Confessional's myspace page to listen to some good music. Bad news: the song I really wanted to hear has been taken down. Herein lies the good news: it was taken down because there is a new album coming out on October 2nd, and they are using their available slots for new music. As many of you may know, one element of my birth plan is to play the entire DC collection throughout the labor and delivery process as they are, in fact, my most favoritist band ever and are also incredibly soothing to listen to. This is fabulous news for me, as it means I will have an extra 40 mintues to an hour of music to cylce through, hopefully delaying the inevitable of my darling husband getting sick and tired of hearing Chris Carrabba sing what Brendan deems "boring" songs about things that he couldn't possibly care less about.

This brings us to more good (great, even glorious!) news and bad (worse, even awful!) news.

Good news: Because they have a new album coming out, Dashboard is hitting the road.(FINALLY!!! I have been scouring the internet for upcoming tours for many, many months, to no avail. Imagine my joyous shock to stumble upon tour dates on the one day I wasn't actually looking for them. I guess it's true - a watched pot never boils.)

Great, even glorious news: My beloved Mr. Carabba is coming to Norfolk, to the Norva, the very same venue where we went last September to see Julian Casablancas and the rest of the Strokes. This is a great venue. It has a very small, close-knit, intimate feel. It doesn't hold that many people, so the concerts just feel better, more like they are just for you and your posse. Plus, the smaller the venue, the better the chance of actually seeing the stage.

Now for the bad, even, dare I say, awful news: This concert just so happens to be taking place on September 29th at 8:00 pm.

"Who cares?" you say. "What is so bad about that particular day and/or time?"

Well, I will tell you. First of all, I am supposed to be having a baby shower that day. The Norva is four hours away. There is no way I can make it in time. Now, this is just the bad news. For you see, the invitations are not completely finished, and a date and time have not officially 100% been set in stone. Theoretically, I could move the shower up or back a couple of weeks or make it Friday night or Sunday afternoon instead. This is a surmountable obstacle. Here is the worse, even awful, news: Considering my doctors' favorite hobby of banning things (no canoeing, no lifting of anything over 25 pounds, etc.), I have the distinct feeling that they are not going to think that this counts as a safe activity for a woman who will be 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant at that time.

"But Chris Carrabba is so pretty," I will say. "I have been looking forward to this for so very long, and this is not jumping-and-thrashing-around-type music. This is much more like close-your-eyes-and-feel-the-music-type music."

"I don't care," the doctor will say. "You could trip on the curb walking into the building or someone might spill their beer straight into your water bottle and then you would be endangering the baby." (Seriously, I sometimes think that some of the reasons they give me for not doing things are equally as ridiculous as this.)

This is seriously something I have been wanting to do for over a year now, so I am attempting to formulate a plan to make this happen. Dashboard is a fairly secretive, sporadic band. You never know if/when they are going on tour, but it doesn't happen all that often, and when they do, they don't usually come within 300 miles of Lynchburg. This is only the second time since 2003 that I have heard of them coming within a few hours of here. I have already started compiling a list of reasons for my doctor as to why this should not be an unsafe activity: There is a balcony with tables that we can sit at, which eliminates the danger of incredibly swollen ankles, exhaustion and/or getting bumped by overzealous fans in the standing room crowd. Also, if memory serves me correctly, no one got wasted or violent at the Strokes concert (I think they cut you off after a certain number of drinks to avoid such things), and there is no smoking allowed in the building (it would be foolishness to allow such things - this place is the size of a small chapel - we would all die of asphyxiation if there were even a handful of smokers). So, you see, I could just as easily enjoy the great music from a raised (some might even say protected) environment, in a comfortable chair, with bottled water and no smoke. As far as the noise goes, I've already checked online, and BabyCenter says it's okay to go to a few concerts during your pregnancy - you don't want to go to one every night if you'd like your kid to be born with a functioning auitory system, but a few here and there don't seem to hurt. My only concern is that I will be four hours away from my delivery hospital if anything should happen (though this is not a huge concern for me as I won't even be finished with my 8th month at that time and first babies tend to come late).

Which brings us to the begging portion of today's post: Do any of you have a time machine I can borrow if the shower proves to be immovable? How about a doctor's excuse to persuade my OB nurse that she should not tut and shake her head at me for going on this outing? Perhaps you could just talk some sense into me? Any and all advice is quite welcome as this is beginning to feel like a genuine crisis situation...


dallimomma said...

ok, deep breath! What you must remember is that your doctor/ob nurse is only a human and while you (or your insurance co.) is paying them a HUGE amount of money too look after you and Jr., you are in no way obligated, by law or morality, to obey their every dictate. If you and your beloved weight the options and feel safe making the trek, GO! If it sounded even remotely dangerous to me, I'd say so. Uncomfortable, maybe, but not dangerous. And here's the extra, added benefit to your Dr. not being omnicient; he doesn't have to know! Medical personnel have the uncanny ability (mind-altering power, some might say) to make you think that they are the be-all and end-all in your life. Not true. You kids go have fun, now, ya hear? Oh, and just to blow another hard and fast rule out of the water for you, there is no hard and fast rule for WHERE you deliver your baby. Yes, YOU know where you're supposed to deliver said baby but Baby doesn't know. Just ask Jonah. It could be an alternate hospital, could be your beautiful, hand-made queen-size bed, could be the BP station in Brookville. Oh, ok, maybe not. But you know what I mean. Bean will come when Bean is ready, not a moment before or after and heshe doesn't really care what music you're listening to at the time or where you're sipping your bottled water. Enjoy your last days of babyless freedom; the time is short and then you're a family of 3; forever. Unless you have 5 or 8 more kids! Love you. Dawna

Jamie Hesdon said...

Miss Hannah...still one of most original sense of humors on the face of the earth! I will try to continue to keep in touch via the "blog" - which by the way is a very new thing for me, being that I am so...mature (ahem!). I am glad that I finally had time to check this out. I'm with the wise one (Dawna) go and have fun. 3 kids and the doctor's told me different on all three! I saw the doctor the day before Jordan was born and he told me I wasn't going anytime soon - see you next week. SUPRISE!...he delivered Jordan less than 24 hours later. What do they know??? My advice - sleep late now, go to concerts now (I did), enjoy some one on one time with your honey, etc. Live it up honey because your life is going to drastically change for the better but change it will! This is a small decision and I say don't sweat the small stuff there will be much bigger decisions for you to deal with regarding this little bundle of joy! Miss you and glad to be able to enjoy your twist on pregnancy and can't wait until you are thrown more curves than A-Rod!

Love ya! Jamie

Mariah said...


I can't really say anything without being redundant concerning the other posts on this page, but I think you should go. Oh, and I love that Jayme called Mom "The Wise One". Maybe we should buy her owls or something.

Love you! Let me know how the concert is! Don't wimp out, I think you'd regret it.