Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey! Remember when I told you all those things?

Of course you don't. Because I haven't told you things in ages. Because I am a terrible bloggess who neglects you. Can you ever forgive me? I got my eyebrows waxed just for you! (Okay, that's not true. I primarily did it for me... but it's still a public service, much like putting on foundation and eye liner. I'm doing my part to keep Pennsylvania beautiful.) I have these aspirations and dreams, in which I write every day and become a really good bloggess, like my sister-in-law, whom I adore. And then ... I write one post in five months. I'd call it baby steps, but I'm pretty sure it's just laziness.

I inadvertently ended up not taking a class for the first half of this summer (long story short, it starts with my procrastination habit and bad memory and ends with some late paperwork and a less-than-pleasant email from the registrar), so I am hoping to put some of my newfound "free time" to good use (if you define "good use" as "redecorating the guest room to double as an office space," "crocheting a Ravenclaw scarf for my nerdy self," and "finally watching all of those episodes of How I Met Your Mother on my DVR"... oh, and "blogging more"). I'm going to try and start small. Maybe I'll only get a paragraph up every day. Maybe it'll just be a crappy list. Maybe it'll be a picture of something ridiculous my children got into. Whatever. In the words of a random blog commenter whose name I don't remember now, "You'll get whatcha get and you won't pitch a fit."
(Way to go, self. You're really endearing yourself to the neglected readers, making them want to stick around. Keep sellin' it.)

For today, to start small, we're going with a list. Here are some things I think are super-cool.

1. Florence and the Machine

Some people think she's presumptuous, trying too hard to be "artsy," a Lady Gaga wannabe, or just making a ballyhoo. I think she's brilliant.

2. Coke Zero

Anyone who has known me for pretty much any length of time knows about my near-addiction status with this beverage. I'm also discovering that as I get older, I am becoming one of Those People. You know, Those People. Don't know what I'm talking about? Allow me to set the scene. You're in a restaurant, and the server has just asked for your drink order. Those People ask, "Do you have Coke or Pepsi products?" and if the server says, "Pepsi," Those People say, "I'll just have a water." I swore I wouldn't become That Person. I scoffed, "I might have preferences, but I am not going to become a snob about it." Well, neglected readers, I am a lying liar who lies like a lazy dog wearing an ill-fitting wig on a cheap rug because I am (slowly, but surely) becoming That Person. Lord, help me.

3. WheezyWaiter, Charlieissocoollike, and the Vlogbrothers

In my opinion, these are the three (technically four) most talented vloggers on YouTube. A lot of people think that YouTube is just for Family Guy clips, cute cat videos, and movies of sick skateboarding tricks, but that is just not true. YouTube is like television for busy, thinking people. There are a lot of original content creators out there (someday, I'd love to be one of them. I think sometimes that I'd be much more likely to vlog than I am to blog), putting out lots of funny, creative, intelligent stuff. I've discovered more bands, learned more science and history facts, kept up with current events, and given more money to charity because of YouTube than I have because of TV and regular newspapers combined. I am telling you this: YouTube is the future of media. You have been warned. Below I have highlighted some good "starting-point" videos from each of the aforementioned content creators:

Craig Benzine (aka The Wheezy Waiter) tells you why you'll never be original:

Charlie McDonnell sings a duet... with himself (WARNING: You will hum this song for days):

John and Hank (aka the Vlogbrothers) explain what it means to be a part of their community:

I realize that was an exceptionally short list, but I feel like I've inundated you with enough crap for one day. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually have original (but not really) thoughts or words of my own to share. If you're not bitter about my bad blogging skills and neglect, leave a comment and tell me about some things that you think are super-cool.

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