Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm done making excuses

I'll just show up when I show up, okay? And we can just pretend that my six-month-long disappearances are normal or socially acceptable or at least expected, okay? Okay. Let's just admit that I'm busy, I'm lazy, and I'm terrible at time management. I can hope that one day those things magically resolve themselves (and that my eyebrows suddenly decide to read 1 Peter 3 and just SUBMIT already), but until then... you get what you get. And today, what you get is a list. (I'd claim that I am going to do this every Friday, but ... we just talked about that. I'm a liar. A lying, lazy liar who lazily lies.) So, because it is Friday and I am here and I don't really have anything better to do...

1. I recently (i.e., this morning) decided to cut out Julian's morning nursing session.

2. At the moment, he has decided that he no longer likes me.

3. Upon pumping (sorry male readers, if I have had any), I discovered that he apparently only gets 2 oz. in the mornings anyway, so I'm not sure why he cares so much. I put 6 oz. of beverage in his sippy. He's getting 3x the fluid, and he can drink it on the go!

4. He's happily chewing on his Papa's shoe now, so I guess he's over it.

5. I'd try to stop him, but I know it's useless. He cannot be stopped. He cannot be deterred. He cannot be dissuaded.

6. That boy loves shoes. (In a goat-like, I should be worried about tetanus sort of way, not a Manolo Blahnik, I should be worried about his teenage years sort of way.)

7. My daughter thinks that tortilla chips are an acceptable breakfast food.

8. I feel like a hypocrite telling her no when I just ate leftover garlic bread.

9. I told her no anyway.

10. She's having a banana instead.

11. I hate bananas.

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